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About us


Balti Autoosad AS has operated as an importer and wholesale distributor of automotive spare parts, accessories, oils and lubricants, tools and industrial accessories and sports goods since 1995.

We are part of the Koivunen Group. Our parent company Koivunen Oy in Finland is one of the leading importers and wholesalers of automotive and technical products in Scandinavia. In the other Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania, the Group is represented by our subsidiary companies Baltic Auto Parts SIA and UAB Baltic Auto Parts.

We cooperate with approximately 150 suppliers from all over the world, including several of the most prestigious subcontracting partners in the automotive industry and manufacturers of original parts and equipment.

We have also been a member of the international distribution network Groupauto International since spring 2011.

Fixus trademark

We are 100% focused on wholesale, while the retail sale of our products to end users is carried out by our distributors: retailers of automotive spare parts, workshops and sporting goods stores. We also manage the Fixus retail chain, which consists of nearly 30 independent companies that have come together under a unified trademark, thus constituting a retail network of automotive goods that covers all Estonian regions and is based on a common concept.

Do you want to become a distributor?

We are always interested in new proposals and cooperation with distributors. We guarantee a fair price and fast service!


Põrguvälja tee 4F, Lehmja küla, Harjumaa

6 200 600


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Balti Autoosad AS

Registry code 10279055

VAT registration No. EE1002222597

IBAN EE662200221007125259

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