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K27 is a trademark used for the products of the Koivunen Group.


The group was established under its parent company Koivunen Oy in Finland already in 1927.

The automotive spare parts of K27 have a consumer-friendly price and are of reliable quality – a sound alternative choice for the repair of older vehicles, for instance.

Automotive spare parts – brake shoes, brake discs, brake calipers, drive shafts and drive shaft caps, shock absorbers, springs, steering parts, clutches, filters, etc.

Electrical accessories – batteries, automotive lighting, switches, relays, trailer plugs, auxiliary lighting and work lighting, starters and generators, sensors (ABS), nozzles and clamps, ignition aids, etc.
Accessories – windscreen wipers (hybrid), rooftop cargo carriers, parking cameras, dash cameras, snow brushes, sound isolation mats, crankcase covers, mirrors, phone holders, car refrigerators, heaters, HUD, flashlights, cargo fasteners, tapes, seat heater elements, work gloves, work clothes and footwear, etc.

The product selection of the K27 trademark is constantly expanding!

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Põrguvälja tee 4F, Lehmja küla, Harjumaa

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Registry code 10279055

VAT registration No. EE1002222597

IBAN EE662200221007125259

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